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Saturday, June 26, 2010

National Combine Series - Charlotte, NC Regional - June 26, 2010

The National Combine Series hosted a regional event in Charlotte on Saturday, June 26th. Typical June temperatures of about 96 degrees combined with humidity and the field turf pushed temperatures over 100 degrees for the 9am start. The Charlotte region continues to show a great pool of talent with athletes coming from NC, SC, NY, and the VA area. The event, held at the Charlotte Christian H.S stadium, was a large group of talented kickers and punters. Dan Orner Kicking and Punting, with the help of local college kickers Adam Yates (USC), Patrick Long (Harvard), and Drew Stewart (Marshall), ran the event.

The day was started off with perfect FG scores by 2013 kickers Wes Medeiros and Jefferson Lee, showing that they will make a push for the top kickers in the 2013 class. Robert Frame (2013) also posted a great FG score going 8 of 10.

The varsity division was loaded with talent, kickers Brandon Page (2011), Lassiter Tollison (2011), Patrick Rawlings (2012) , Lawson Furr (2011), Austin Holland (2011), Sam Sharpe (2011), Dirk Pieper (2011), Patrick Toole (2011), Bradley Pinion (2012), and Jake Smith (Syracuse Transfer) all going either 8 or 9 out of 10 on FGs. The biggest KOs of the day came from Bradley Pinion (2012), Jake Smith (Syracuse transfer), Lassiter Tollison (2011), and Lawson Furr (2011) each having multiple KO’s sail out of the back of the end zone.

Sam Sharpe (2011) showed the best command of the skill out of the punters turning over multiple punts of 45 yards with 4.5+ hang times. Punters Van Patterson (2011), Jake Smith (Syracuse Transfer), James Coleman (2012), Worth Gregory (2012), and Bradley Pinion (2012) each showed some towering 50 yd + punts. Micah Martin (2012), the only long snapper at the event, left kickers/punters in awe with very accurate field goal snaps in the .4’s and punt snaps in the .8’s showing he has the ability to be a college snapper in the next two years.

Thanks to all who participated and helped run the event

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